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Leading manufacturer of Speciality Coatings, Water Proofing, Industrial Paints & Coatings, Speciality Lubricants, Industrial MRO Chemicals in India.
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Insulkote is a Solvent free, High Build Protective & Insulative coating.
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We offers specialized training and services facilities to professionals apart from offering Modern Waterproofing solutions to consumers.
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Cable coating, Electric panel room sealing sealing of wall opening with mortar barrier, Sealing of small gaps with sealant.
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Our World Class Products

A single source solutions for Cooling, Coating, Cleaning, Chemical Injection, Water Proofing & many more


Insulation & Protection

Metal Coatings

Silicone Sealants

High Build Epoxy Coatings

Mechanical Maintenance

Metal Rebuild & Repair Epoxies

Fire Protection System

Aerosols & Bulks

Plastic, Varnish & Paint safe Cleaners Non flammable online Cleaners Off-line contact cleaners Electronic PCB cleaners Residue Non-residue Battery Terminal cleaner Carbon cleaner
Supreme Electro-Safe Cleaner

Aerosols, Bulk & Rolls

Battery Terminal Coating Red Insulation Varnish Anti-track coating Acrylic Conformal coating & Moisture displacing HT Insulation Tapes, Epoxy coating & Transformer oil leak repair kits

Aerosols & Bulk

Bright Zinc Aluminium Sprays Bright Aluminium / Stainless Steel Spray Chrome / Golden Finish Spray

Aerosols & Bulk

Neutral grade (Cartridge) Acetoxy based sealant
PU Foam seal. (Aerosol)

Rust preventive

Chemical resistant Heat Resistant & Abrasion resistant coatings Floor repair, Screed build-up,
floor coating High Gloss Top coat.

Aerosols, Bulk

HD Cleaner & Degreaser Paint & Gasket remover Bearing cleaning solvent Die Penetrant Test Kit Multipurpose Maintenance Fluid Rust remover / Rust Converter Belt dressing Copper Anti-seize paste.

5 Minute steel repair Putty & stick Aluminium Putty & Stick Bronze / Copper Putty & stick Wet surface repair High Temp Paste for Bonding /Sealing Repairing (Up to 1000º C).

Fire Resistant Cable Coating Mortar Fire Barriers
Wool Board Barriers Fire Seal.


Battery Terminal Cleaner

On-line cleaner, Non Flammable, Non Residue cleaner, Plastic, Paint & Varnish safe cleaner, Di-electric contact cleaner.

Electronic Parts & PCB Cleaner

Quick dry, non-residue cleaner, Fully Plastic & Paint safe, non-chlorinated cleaner, Value for money.

Penetrating Oil

Penetrates hard areas quickly,disperses rust & other oxides. Eases quick disassembly of mechanical components, fittings, assemblies, nuts, bolts & close...
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