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Insulation Coating

V-7115 Insulkote(Epoxy High Build/High Gloss Insulation Coating)

Available in 1 Kg.

Insulkote is a Solvent free, High Build Protective & Insulative coating.

  • Insulkote has ultra high build dielectric strength.
  • Higher fine particle content offers smooth surface therefore significantly better performance.
  • Easy to apply 1-2 coat application.
  • Has excellent atmospheric, chemical & UV resistance.
  • Insulkote breakdown voltage 11 KV plus (2 coats).
  • Prevents electrical tracking specially on FRP barrier boards.
  •  Easy to apply alternative to Di-electric rubber mats in sub-station applications.


Flooring under control panels, High temperature insulation resistant, electrical Power distribution & transmission equipments, Electric panel rooms, Switchyards, & Fluid transfer system, etc