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Water Proofing

V-7122 Water Proofing

Available i 1 Kg.
  • The Coating causes an almost imperceptibly thin layer of air to form on top of a surface.
  • The spray is anti-corrosive and anti-icing, has cleaning capabilities, and can be used to protect circuits and grids.
  • Coatings have potential uses in vehicle windshields to prevent rain droplets from clinging to the glass.
  • Coatings are most used on things such as electronic components, which are not prone to wear.
  • Work by creating a micro or nano-sized structure on a surface which has super-repellent properties.
  • Objects subject to constant friction like boats hulls would require constant re-application of such a coating to maintain a high degree of performance.
  • Can be used in wet environments or under water to specified depths.
  • Rising dampness treatment, Basements waterproofing, Swimming pools and water tank waterproofing, terrace waterproofing and terrace gardens.


  • Remove in thin layer of damped plaster approx. 0.5″ to 1″ inch if thickness(water wash the surface before applying first coat). Apply the first coat of water proofing with 2 : 1 ratio with water(Wait for minimum 1 to 2 hour).
  • Apply second coat of water proofing with 4 : 1 ratio with water(wait for minimum 1 to 2 hour).
  • Similarly apply 3 coat of pure water proofing.
  • Finally apply 4th coat of water proofing spreading coarse sand on the coat, (confirm that after final coat surface should be opaque).
  • Fianally Plaster the wall in cement-sand mortar, Ensure that Plastered Wall has been cured. Finally apply three coats of water proofing for best results.


  • Beneath Tiles
  • Wet Room Coating
  • Basement Protection
  • Concrete Protection
  • Water Storage Protection