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Epoxy Floor Coating

V-7111 Floorkote (Epoxy top-Coat)

Available in 1 Kg.

Flooring are specially design to restore, protect & beautify concrete substrate, enhancing the value &
performance of your facilities.

  • Vinsa offers the right product for right environment with the right application techniques.
  • Provides a hard wearing, chemical resistant finish.
  • Floor repairs, Floor protection from oil, chemicals, etc.
  • Heavy duty & heigenic flooring.


Hospitals, Laboratories, pharmaceutical Factories, Factories,Supermarkets Soft Drinks Factories, Atomic Power Stations Oil Refineries & many other industries.

V-7112 Sealerkote(Primer or Base Coat)

Available in 1 Kg.

Transparent sealer kote is a solvent free that offers high quality, tough, semi flexible coating possesses
excellent adhesion & bonds strongly to suitably prepared metal, wood & concrete surfaces.

  • Sealerkote is suitable for sealing & as primer coat prior to final coat.
  • Sealerkote is suitable for atmosphere where moisture,hydrocarbons, oils, alkalies & acids also fine particles are encountered.


Base coat for tanks, steel & concrete structures, pipelines, valves, water & Used as bond coat prior to final coating on practically all applications

V-7113 Floorpatch

Available in 1 K.g

Floorpatch is specially formulated solvent free epoxy system for filling big gaps & holes in concrete.

  • Bonds well to various combination


Filling of holes in concrete, excellent bonding compressive strength of the above system allows stable & permanent fillings suitable for heavy loads.